A Beginner’s Guide: How to Tame a Dodo Bird in Ark

So you’ve recently started playing Ark and you came across these adorable little creatures called Dodo birds. You’re instantly smitten by their cuteness and now you’re wondering how on earth you can tame one of these feathered friends. Well, fret not my friend, because in this beginner’s guide, I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of taming a Dodo bird in Ark. From gathering the necessary resources to keeping those pesky predators at bay, get ready to embark on an adventure of taming and embracing the lovable charm of these quirky creatures.

Acquiring a Dodo Bird

Introduction to Dodo Birds in Ark

Hello there! If you’re an avid player of Ark, you might have come across those adorable and quirky creatures known as Dodo Birds. These gentle creatures can make a great addition to your tribe, providing companionship and even practical benefits. In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through the process of taming and caring for a Dodo Bird, from locating them to breeding your own flock. So let’s dive in and discover the enchanting world of Dodo Birds in Ark!

Locating Dodo Birds

Now that you’re eager to acquire a Dodo Bird, the first step is to find them in the vast world of Ark. Dodo Birds can typically be found roaming around shorelines, forests, and other areas with a sufficient food supply. They are particularly abundant in the beginner areas, but can also be encountered in more challenging regions. Keep your eyes peeled for their distinctive appearance – small, round bodies covered in colorful feathers.

Understanding Dodo Bird Behavior

Before attempting to tame a Dodo Bird, it’s useful to understand their behavior. Dodo Birds are generally docile creatures, lacking any aggressive tendencies. They tend to explore their surroundings leisurely, occasionally pecking at the ground in search of food. While they are not known for being particularly intelligent, this simplicity can be endearing. Just be cautious of their tendency to wander off, as it might require some patience to keep them within taming range.

Preparing for Taming

To ensure a successful taming experience, it’s crucial to gather the necessary resources and equipment beforehand. This will not only make the process smoother, but also increase the chances of successfully taming your Dodo Bird. So, let’s discuss the essentials for a successful taming expedition!

Gathering Essential Resources

Necessary Equipment and Tools

To be well-prepared for taming a Dodo Bird, you’ll need a few key equipment and tools. First and foremost, a long-range weapon such as a crossbow or tranquilizer arrows will be essential for immobilizing the Dodo Bird. Additionally, carrying a set of taming tools, including a bola to immobilize the Dodo temporarily, will greatly aid in the process. Finally, don’t forget to bring some Type of feed tame.

Recommended Consumables

When venturing out to tame a Dodo Bird, it’s important to bring along some consumables to ensure a smooth process. Having a generous supply of soothing balm or medical brew on hand will help to heal any injuries sustained during the taming process and ensure a healthy Dodo Bird. Additionally, having a sufficient amount of narcotics or other tranquilizing agents will be necessary for keeping the Dodo sedated while you feed it.

Building a Taming Pen

Creating a taming pen can make the process of taming a Dodo Bird much easier and safer. Constructing a simple enclosed structure using wooden or thatch walls will prevent the Dodo from escaping during the taming process and protect it from potential predators. Remember to leave a small entrance for you to enter and exit the pen safely. Having a roof is also recommended to provide additional protection. By taking these precautions, you can tame your Dodo Bird in a controlled environment, reducing the risk of unexpected interruptions.

Approaching a Dodo Bird

Slow and Steady Approach

To initiate the taming process, it’s essential to approach the Dodo Bird cautiously. These creatures may startle easily if you approach too quickly or abruptly. Moving calmly and quietly towards the Dodo will demonstrate that you pose no immediate threat. By showing gentleness and patience, you’ll establish a sense of trust, making the Dodo more receptive to your presence.

Judging Taming Feasibility

Not all Dodo Birds are ideal candidates for taming. While they are generally non-aggressive, there may be instances where a Dodo exhibits aggressive behavior. Assessing the Dodo’s temperament is crucial for determining its suitability as a taming candidate. Look out for signs of aggression such as raised wings or charging motions. It’s best to avoid attempting to tame a highly aggressive Dodo Bird, as it will be more challenging and potentially dangerous.

Dodo Bird Reaction and Aggression

During the taming process, it’s important to closely observe the Dodo Bird’s reactions to your presence. If it reacts negatively by attacking or displaying aggression, it may be necessary to reevaluate the taming approach. However, most Dodos will exhibit a relaxed and friendly demeanor, making the taming experience enjoyable and rewarding. Always be mindful of the Dodo’s comfort and adjust your approach accordingly, ensuring a positive taming experience for both you and the Dodo.

Feeding and Tranquilizing the Dodo Bird

Selecting and Using the Right Food

Feeding is a critical aspect of taming a Dodo Bird effectively. Luckily, Dodos have simple dietary preferences, making it easier to find suitable food for them. Berries, particularly Mejoberries, are a great option and can be easily obtained by harvesting bushes or farming crops. Simply place the Mejoberries in your last inventory slot and access the Dodo’s inventory to feed it. Remember to feed the Dodo periodically to keep it sedated during the entire taming process.

Administering Tranquilizing Agents

While feeding the Dodo, you must also ensure it remains sedated throughout the taming process. To achieve this, you will need to administer tranquilizing agents such as narcotics or tranquilizer arrows. Using a long-range weapon, carefully shoot the Dodo with the tranquilizer of choice, being mindful not to cause excessive damage. Balancing the food and tranquilizer administration is crucial to maintain an optimal level of sedation while allowing the Dodo to become tamed.

Protecting the Dodo Bird

Keeping Predators at Bay

During the taming process, it’s important to protect the Dodo Bird from potential predators in the surrounding area. While Dodos are not formidable fighters, they can still fall victim to aggressive creatures. Clearing the area of any immediate threats and building a taming pen will provide a safe enclosure for the Dodo. Furthermore, you can position yourself as a shield between the Dodo and potential dangers, preventing any harm from befalling your new feathered friend.

Monitoring Taming Progress

As you continue feeding and tranquilizing the Dodo, it’s crucial to monitor the taming progress. The taming effectiveness indicator displayed in the creature’s inventory will give you an idea of how close the Dodo is to becoming fully tamed. Maintaining a consistent level of sedation, using tranquilizing agents when necessary, and ensuring a steady supply of food will help speed up the taming progress. Patience is key during this stage, as it may take some time to reach the desired taming effectiveness level.

Securing the Taming Area

While taming, it’s important to secure the taming area to prevent any unforeseen interruptions or accidents. Ensure that no hostile creatures can enter the taming pen by closing the entrance and reinforcing the walls if necessary. You don’t want a sudden attack to ruin all your previous efforts! Additionally, keep an eye out for any wild creatures that may wander too close, as they could potentially harm the Dodo during the taming process.

Assisting the Taming Process

Utilizing Companion Taming

Ark offers a unique feature called companion taming, which can significantly assist in taming a Dodo Bird. By bringing another tamed creature alongside you, such as a passive herbivore or a well-trained carnivore, you can create a distraction for potential threats while you focus on the taming. The companion can help defend you and the Dodo Bird from any aggressive creatures, ensuring a safer and more efficient taming process.

Timing the Tranquilizing and Feeding

Timing is crucial when it comes to tranquilizing and feeding the Dodo during the taming process. It’s important to administer tranquilizers as needed to keep the Dodo sedated while also periodically feeding it Mejoberries to maintain its taming progress. Balancing the timing of these actions can be a bit challenging, so it’s crucial to pay attention and adjust your strategy accordingly. With practice, you’ll become adept at finding the perfect rhythm and ensuring a smooth taming experience.

Maintaining a Safe Distance

Throughout the taming process, it’s vital to maintain a safe distance from the Dodo Bird to avoid any accidental injuries. While it’s tempting to get up close and personal with these charming creatures, be mindful that they are still in a taming state and may exhibit unexpected reactions. Give the Dodo adequate space to move around within the taming pen, ensuring both you and the Dodo feel comfortable and secure.

Completing the Taming

Observing the Taming Effectiveness

As you continue feeding and tranquilizing the Dodo, you will eventually reach the maximum taming effectiveness, indicated by the taming effectiveness bar in the Dodo’s inventory. This signifies that the Dodo Bird has officially been tamed and is ready to join your tribe! It’s an exciting moment to witness your efforts come to fruition, and you can take pride in your successful taming endeavor.

Adding the Dodo Bird to Inventory

Once the Dodo Bird is fully tamed, you can add it to your inventory by accessing its inventory and selecting the appropriate option to claim it. Congratulations! You’ve successfully acquired a Dodo Bird companion. Now, it’s time to shift our focus to properly caring for your newly tamed friend.

Caring for the Tamed Dodo Bird

Managing Tamed Dodo Bird Stats

Now that you have a tamed Dodo Bird in your possession, it’s important to keep a close eye on its stats. Monitor its health, stamina, food, and weight to ensure it remains in optimal condition. Providing enough food, maintaining its health, and managing its weight will contribute to a healthy and happy Dodo Bird. Regularly check its stats and provide any necessary nourishment and care to ensure its well-being.

Feeding and Crafting Uses

Apart from being delightful companions, tamed Dodo Birds can be quite useful in Ark. Their eggs can serve as a valuable food resource, providing sustenance for both you and other tamed creatures. Additionally, Dodo Birds can be taught to gather specific resources, such as berries or thatch, allowing you to allocate their talents to meet your tribe’s needs. So don’t underestimate the potential of these feathered friends!

Protection and Shelter

To keep your tamed Dodo Bird safe and secure, it’s crucial to provide it with appropriate protection and shelter. Building a small and secure enclosure within your tribe’s base will ensure it remains guarded from potential threats. Additionally, creating a cozy nesting area or perch for your Dodo inside the shelter will foster a sense of safety and comfort for your feathered companion. Remember, happy Dodos make for happy tribe members!

Breeding and Multiplying Dodo Birds

Overview of Dodo Breeding

Now that you have one tamed Dodo Bird, why not expand your Dodo family? Breeding Dodo Birds can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, allowing you to raise your own flock. Breeding Dodos follows a similar process to taming, but with a few additional steps. By understanding the fundamentals of breeding, you can create a thriving Dodo population within your tribe.

Preparing for Breeding

Before embarking on the breeding process, make sure you have an appropriate nesting area prepared. This can be a designated section within your tribe’s base or a specialized breeding enclosure. The nesting area should be spacious enough to accommodate multiple Dodos and provide them with a sense of security. Having separate areas for laying eggs and caring for hatchlings will contribute to a smooth breeding process.

Incubating Dodo Eggs

To successfully hatch Dodo eggs, you’ll need to create an incubation setup. An incubator or a warm environment with constant temperature and humidity will be necessary to ensure the eggs develop properly. Make sure to monitor the incubation temperature closely, as excessive heat or cold can hinder the hatching process. With proper care and patience, you’ll soon witness the wonder of new Dodo life emerging from their shells.


Enjoying Your Tamed Dodo Birds

Congratulations on successfully taming and caring for your Dodo Bird! With your new feathery friends by your side, you’ll experience not only companionship but also the joy of witnessing their amusing antics. Cherish the time spent together and revel in the delightful company of your tamed Dodo Birds.

Expanding Your Dodo Bird Collection

As you become more experienced in taming, breeding, and caring for Dodo Birds, consider expanding your collection. The various color and pattern mutations offer an exciting opportunity to create a diverse flock of Dodos within your tribe. With careful breeding and selection, you can create a veritable rainbow of these charming creatures in no time.

Further Taming and Breeding Tips

While this guide covers the basics of taming and breeding Dodo Birds, there is always more to learn. Experimentation and personal experience will undoubtedly provide you with unique insights and strategies. Share your knowledge with fellow players, collaborate, and discover even more effective techniques to tame and breed Dodo Birds.

Final Thoughts

Taming a Dodo Bird in Ark is not only a practical endeavor but also a heartwarming journey. These lovable creatures bring a touch of whimsy to the game and can quickly become valued members of your tribe. By following this comprehensive guide, you’ll be well-equipped to embark on your own Dodo taming adventure. So grab your tranquilizer arrows, gather some Mejoberries, and let the taming commence!





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