What Is a Bird Furry Called?

Well, let me tell you, my friend, have you ever wondered what in the world a bird furry is called? I bet you never thought about it, but fear not, for I have just the answer you’re looking for. Whether you’re a seasoned furry enthusiast or simply curious about the furry community, this delightful article will enlighten you on the fascinating world of avian furries. So, join me as we take flight into the whimsical realm of bird furries and uncover what they’re truly called. Ready? Let’s soar!


Being a bird lover myself, I have always been fascinated by the unique and diverse world of bird furries. In this article, I will explore the fascinating concept of bird furries, their characteristics, origins, and the thriving community they have built around their shared interests. So, come and join me as we spread our wings and delve into this enchanting world!


A bird furry, also known as an avian furry, is an individual within the furry fandom who identifies or connects with bird-like characters, either by adopting avian characteristics or embodying physical attributes of bird species. These individuals often express themselves through artwork, costumes, and role-playing.


Bird furries showcase a wide array of avian attributes and behaviors, whether through their physical appearance, personalities, or personal connections to specific bird species. They may display features such as wings, feathers, beaks, or talons, and their mannerisms and communication styles might mirror those of birds.

Bird Furry Community


The emergence of the bird furry community can be traced back to the early days of the furry fandom, when individuals who were drawn to bird-like characters found a shared sense of kinship. As the community grew, individuals began to connect with one another through online platforms, allowing for the formation of close-knit communities and the celebration of their mutual love for avian-inspired art and characters.

Online Presence

The bird furry community has established a strong online presence, with various platforms providing spaces for interaction and creativity. Websites and forums dedicated to bird furries offer spaces for discussions, artwork showcasing, and opportunities to connect with fellow enthusiasts. Social media platforms have also become popular hubs, allowing bird furries to share their experiences, creations, and thoughts with a wider audience.

Common Interests

The bird furry community shares a range of common interests, which serve as a foundation for their connections. Among these interests are ornithology, the scientific study of birds, birdwatching, and conservation efforts. Many bird furries also enjoy creating and consuming bird-related artwork, writing stories featuring bird characters, and participating in role-play activities centered around avian themes.

Types of Bird Furry

Avian Furry

Avian furries primarily identify as birds, embracing the characteristics and traits of specific bird species. They may have wings, feathers, and sometimes even beaks or talons. Avian furries find joy in exploring their bird-like nature and expressing it through various creative outlets, such as artwork and costume design.

Feathered Furry

Feathered furries incorporate bird-like attributes into their characters while retaining a human or anthropomorphic form. These individuals often display feathered wings, tails, or other decorative features inspired by birds. By combining human and avian elements, feathered furries create unique and captivating characters that bridge the gap between reality and fantasy.

Bird Hybrid

Bird hybrid furries blend avian traits with those of other fictional or mythical creatures, resulting in truly fantastical characters. By fusing elements of birds with, for example, dragons or unicorns, these furries push the boundaries of creativity and create visually stunning personas that embody the essence of both birds and other creatures.

Creating a Bird Furry Character

Choosing the Bird Species

When creating a bird furry character, choosing the bird species is an essential step. It allows for personalization and the incorporation of specific traits and features that resonate with the individual creator. Some may select their favorite bird species, while others may choose a species that aligns with their personality, appearance, or desired symbolism.

Designing the Appearance

Designing the appearance of a bird furry character is a process that involves creativity and imagination. Furries can experiment with various elements, such as feather patterns, colors, and sizes, as well as the inclusion of wings, beaks, talons, or other avian attributes. This stage allows for personal expression and the crafting of a unique character that reflects the creator’s vision.

Developing the Personality

Beyond the physical appearance, developing the personality of a bird furry character is a vital aspect of their creation. Some bird furries may draw inspiration from specific bird behaviors or traits, such as intelligence, gracefulness, or loyalty. Others may incorporate more human-like qualities while still preserving certain avian characteristics. This combination results in characters that are multidimensional and engaging.

Bird Furry Artwork

Art Styles

Bird furry artwork encompasses a wide range of artistic styles, each capturing the beauty and diversity of avian-inspired characters. From realistic portrayals that emphasize attention to detail and anatomical accuracy to stylized interpretations that highlight vibrant colors and imaginative designs, there is an art style to suit every taste within the bird furry community.

Popular Artists

Within the bird furry community, numerous talented artists have gained recognition for their stunning depictions of avian characters. These artists often possess a deep understanding of avian anatomy, enabling them to create intricate and realistic representations. Some notable artists within the community include [Artist Name], known for their intricate feather detailing, [Artist Name], celebrated for their expressive bird facial expressions, and [Artist Name], renowned for their ability to capture flight dynamics in their artwork.

Commissioning Art

Commissioning art has become a popular way for bird furries to bring their characters to life. By collaborating with talented artists, bird furries can commission customized artwork that showcases their characters’ unique traits and personalities. Many artists within the bird furry community offer commission services, providing a platform for furries to financially support fellow creatives while obtaining personalized art to cherish.

Bird Furry Costumes


Fursuits, a staple of the furry fandom, hold a special place within the bird furry community. Bird furries can commission or create their own fursuits to embody their avian characters fully. These costumes often feature wings, beaks, and feathers, allowing the wearer to physically transform into their bird furry persona. Fursuits not only provide a means for self-expression but also facilitate connection and interaction at conventions and meetups.


In addition to fursuits, bird furries often accessorize their daily lives or costumes with avian-inspired items. These accessories range from jewelry adorned with bird motifs to clothing featuring feather patterns. By incorporating these accessories into their daily lives, bird furries can proudly display their love for birds and their affinity for the bird furry community.

Bird Furry Community Events


Conventions play a pivotal role in the bird furry community, providing opportunities for individuals with shared interests to come together and celebrate their passion. These events often feature panels, workshops, and demonstrations focused on avian-themed art, costume design, and role-play activities. Conventions also serve as platforms for artists, creators, and enthusiasts to showcase their work and connect with others who share their love for bird furries.


Beyond large conventions, smaller-scale meetups offer bird furries a chance to gather in local communities, fostering connections and friendships on a more personal level. Meetups can take various forms, such as birdwatching outings, picnics, or creative workshops, allowing bird furries to bond over their shared interests in a more intimate setting. These gatherings often create a sense of belonging and support within the community.

Online Platforms for Bird Furries


The bird furry community has a strong presence on various online forums. These platforms allow members to engage in discussions, share artwork, seek advice, and build connections with fellow avian enthusiasts. Popular bird furry forums provide a safe and inclusive environment for individuals to express themselves, learn from others, and exchange ideas related to their shared interests.

Social Media Groups

Social media groups dedicated to bird furries have become increasingly popular, bringing together individuals from all corners of the globe. These groups enable members to share their artwork, stories, and experiences with a wider audience while facilitating interaction and collaboration within the community. By joining these groups, bird furries can stay updated on the latest trends, discussions, and events within the bird furry community.


Dedicated websites cater to the bird furry community, serving as hubs for information, resources, and community engagement. These websites provide galleries of avian-inspired artwork, forums for discussions, and educational materials related to birds and furry culture. They often serve as go-to destinations for bird furries seeking inspiration, connection, and guidance in their journey within the community.

Bird Furry Terminology

Avian Terms

The world of bird furries has its own set of terminology, drawing inspiration from the avian kingdom. Common avian terms include words like “plumage” (referring to feathers), “preening” (the act of grooming feathers), or “molt” (the shedding of old feathers). By using these terms, bird furries add authenticity and a sense of familiarity to their conversations, further deepening their connection to avian creatures.

Furry Jargon

As part of the larger furry fandom, bird furries also employ furry jargon to communicate within their community. Terms like “fursona” (referring to one’s furry persona or character), “yiff” (referring to adult content within the fandom), and “murr” (a playful term used to depict affection or cuddling) are commonly understood and embraced by furry enthusiasts, including those within the bird furry community.

Challenges and Controversies

Species Accuracy

One challenge that bird furries sometimes face centers around maintaining species accuracy in their characters and artwork. Striving for scientific accuracy can be a daunting task, as individual interpretations and creative liberties often come into play. Balancing the desire for artistic expression with ensuring respect for real bird species can be a delicate tightrope to walk.

Public Perception

Like any niche community, the bird furry community may encounter misconceptions and judgments from those outside the fandom. Some individuals may struggle to understand the appeal and significance of bird furries, leading to misunderstandings and negative opinions. However, the community remains resilient, often educating others about their passion for birds and the creativity that drives them.

Controversial Artistic Expressions

Within the bird furry community, as in any artistic community, there can be controversial expressions of art that may challenge or offend certain members. Depictions of violence, adult content, or insensitive portrayals of birds can spark debates and discussions within the community. Balancing artistic freedom with respect for diverse perspectives is an ongoing conversation that furries navigate and address together.

In conclusion, the bird furry community is a vibrant and inclusive space for individuals who find inspiration and connection through avian characteristics and artwork. This community’s passion for birds, creativity, and shared interests has given rise to a thriving online presence, community events, and unique forms of self-expression. By embracing their love for birds and blending it with anthropomorphic traits, bird furries have created a captivating world that continues to grow and evolve, celebrating the beauty and wonder of avian creatures. So, whether you’re a seasoned bird furry or someone curious about this fascinating subculture, spread your wings and join the flock – the bird furry community welcomes you with open wings!





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