What Are Avian Furries Called?

Hey, it’s me. Have you ever wondered what avian furries are called? Well, wonder no more because I’m here to spill the beans. Avian furries, those fascinating creatures who fuse bird and anthropomorphic qualities, have a unique name in the furry community. It’s time to spread your wings and discover what these feathered friends are referred to as. Let’s take a flight into the world of avian furries and uncover their captivating name.

Overview of Furries

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Definition of Furries

Furries are individuals who have a strong interest in anthropomorphic animal characters, both in terms of creating and engaging with them. This fascination with anthropomorphism, which is the attribution of human traits, emotions, and characteristics to animals or non-human entities, extends to various aspects of their lives, including art, literature, role-playing, and even costume creation.

Furry Fandom

The furry fandom is a vibrant and inclusive community that brings together people who share a passion for anthropomorphic characters. This fandom offers a supportive space for furries to express their creativity, engage with like-minded individuals, and explore their unique interests. While the furry fandom encompasses a wide range of animal species, each with their own communities and subcultures, in this article, we will focus specifically on avian furries.

Types of Furries

Within the furry fandom, individuals can identify themselves as different types of furries based on their connection to specific animal species or characteristics. These types, often referred to as “fursonas,” can vary widely and are dependent on personal preferences and creative expression. While there are countless possibilities when it comes to fursonas, some common furry types include canines, felines, equines, and, of course, avians.

Understanding Avian Furries

Definition of Avian Furries

Avian furries, as the name suggests, are individuals within the furry community who identify with and are inspired by avian or bird-like characters. Just like other furries, avian furries find joy in blending human and avian traits, resulting in their unique avian fursonas. These individuals feel a deep connection with birds, admiring their grace, elegance, and, in some cases, even their flight abilities.

Characteristics of Avian Furries

Avian furries often incorporate bird-like features into their fursonas. This can range from having feathers instead of fur, possessing wings and talons, to sporting beaks and bird-like facial characteristics. Avian furries may choose to fully embrace their bird identity or blend it with human characteristics, depending on personal preference. They express their admiration for birds’ unique traits and abilities through their creative expressions, such as art, writing, and fursuiting.

Origins of Avian Furries

The origins of avian furries can be traced back to the early days of the furry fandom, where individuals began exploring the concept of anthropomorphized bird characters. These early explorations paved the way for the development of avian fursonas and the growth of an avian-focused subculture within the furry community. As the furry fandom continued to expand and evolve, so did the presence of avian furries, with more individuals embracing their bird-inspired identities and contributing to the avian furry community’s growth and diversity.

Common Terminology


Fursonas are the personal anthropomorphic characters that furries create to represent themselves within the furry community. These characters often embody their owners’ desired traits, personalities, and appearances. Fursonas serve as a creative outlet for furries to express themselves and explore their identities within the furry fandom.


Mascots are fursuits or characters that represent groups or organizations within the furry community. These characters often serve as ambassadors, helping promote events, conventions, or communities. In the avian furry context, mascots may take the form of avian-inspired characters or fursuits used to embody the spirit and identity of an avian-focused group.


Furrsonality refers to the unique personality traits and characteristics that furries attribute to their fursonas. It is a playful blend of human and animal traits, allowing furries to embody the essence of their chosen animal species. A furrsonality can influence how an individual interacts with others, the choices they make, and even their creative expressions within the furry community.


Fursuiting is the act of wearing a costume, known as a fursuit, that represents a furry’s fursona or chosen animal species. This interactive and performative aspect of the furry community allows furries to bring their characters to life and express themselves through physical embodiment. Avian furries who engage in fursuiting often incorporate bird-like features into their costumes, such as wings, feathers, and beaks, further enhancing their connection to their avian fursonas.

Avian Furries’ Terminology


Birdsonas refer to the avian-themed fursonas specifically adopted by avian furries. These fursonas represent an individual’s connection and admiration for birds, and often incorporate avian traits such as feathers, wings, talons, and beaks. Birdsonas provide a platform for avian furries to express themselves creatively and connect with other members of the avian furry community.


Talonsuiting is a specialized form of fursuiting that focuses on avian-inspired costumes, typically incorporating talons, feathers, and other bird-like characteristics. Talonsuits allow avian furries to physically embody the bird-like features of their avian fursonas while engaging in interactive and performative activities within the furry community.


Flocksonas are avian fursonas that emphasize the collective and social nature of birds. These characters are often designed to represent a group or community of aviary-inspired individuals who share a strong bond and sense of unity. Flocksonas offer a way for avian furries to explore their desire for social connection and belonging through their creative expressions within the avian furry community.

Feathery Furrsonalities

Feathery furrsonalities are the unique personality traits and characteristics that avian furries attribute to their bird-inspired fursonas. These personalities take inspiration from birds’ behavior and characteristics, such as intelligence, grace, adaptability, and even mischief. Feathery furrsonalities allow avian furries to embrace and express the essence of their avian fursonas, forging connections with like-minded individuals within the avian furry community.

Avian Fandom Communities

Online Avian Furry Communities

Online avian furry communities provide a virtual space for avian furries to connect, share their artwork, stories, and engage in discussions related to their avian fursonas. These communities often consist of forums, social media groups, and dedicated websites where avian furries can showcase their creativity and build friendships with fellow members of their community.

Avian Furry Conventions

Avian furry conventions are events where avian furries and other members of the furry fandom gather to celebrate their shared interests. These conventions typically feature a variety of activities, such as art exhibitions, live performances, workshops, and social gatherings. Avian furries can showcase their artwork, engage in fursuiting, and participate in avian-themed panels and discussions, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the avian furry community.

Artwork and Literature

Artwork and literature play a significant role in the avian furry community. Avian furries express their creativity through various artistic mediums, such as digital art, traditional drawings, paintings, sculptures, and even mixed media. Literature, including short stories, poems, and novels, allows avian furries to explore their avian fursonas’ stories and experiences, sharing them with their fellow community members.

Social Media Presence

Avian furries maintain a strong presence on various social media platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, and DeviantArt. These platforms provide a way for avian furries to connect with other members of their community, share their artwork, discuss their creative processes, and receive feedback and support from their peers. Social media allows avian furries to expand their networks, discover new artists and creators, and stay up to date with the latest trends and events within the avian furry community.

Bird Fursona Creation

Research and Inspiration

Creating a bird fursona starts with research and inspiration. Avian furries immerse themselves in studying various bird species, understanding their physical characteristics, behavior, and habitats. This research serves as a foundation for crafting a unique avian fursona that resonates with the individual’s personal preferences and aspirations. Inspiration can come from personal experiences with birds, nature documentaries, literature, and even other avian fursonas within the community.

Feathers and Colors

Feathers and colors are essential elements of an avian fursona’s design. Avian furries carefully select the patterns, colors, and textures of their feathers to represent their individuality and creative expression. Some avian furries choose to emulate the colors of specific bird species they identify with, while others create entirely fictional color combinations to reflect their unique personalities and aesthetic preferences.

Unique Avian Characteristics

Avian furries often incorporate unique avian characteristics into their bird fursonas. These can include wings, tails, beaks, talons, and even specialized adaptations inspired by specific bird species, such as crests or extravagant plumage. By incorporating these avian traits, avian furries can bring their fursonas to life and further strengthen their connection to the avian world they admire and respect.

Personal Touches

Adding personal touches to a bird fursona is an essential part of the creative process. Avian furries have the freedom to infuse their individuality and personal preferences into their fursonas, making them truly their own. These personal touches can include accessories, clothing, jewelry, or even small details in the design that reflect the avian furry’s hobbies, interests, or unique quirks. By adding personal touches, avian furries create a deeper connection to their fursonas and often find others who resonate with their creativity and individualism.

Expression within the Avian Furry Community

Anthropomorphic Avians

Anthropomorphism plays a significant role in avian furry expressions. Avian furries frequently depict their characters engaging in human-like activities, such as walking on two legs, using their wings for gestures, and even speaking human languages. These anthropomorphic avians allow avian furries to explore the intersection between human and avian characteristics, creating relatable and visually appealing characters for themselves and others within the avian furry community.

Bird-Themed Fursuiting

Avian furries who engage in fursuiting often showcase their bird-inspired fursonas through intricate and carefully crafted fursuits. These fursuits incorporate avian traits, such as wings, feathers, beaks, and talons, enabling the wearer to physically embody their avian character. Bird-themed fursuits allow avian furries to express their creativity, engage with others through interactive performances, and fully embrace the avian identity they resonate with within the avian furry community.

Avian Art and Crafts

Bird art and crafts are a prevalent form of expression within the avian furry community. Avian furries create stunning artworks, ranging from digital illustrations to traditional paintings and sculptures, depicting their bird fursonas and avian-themed scenes. They also engage in various crafts, such as creating avian-themed jewelry, plush toys, or even elaborate bird masks. Avian art and crafts serve as a means for avian furries to share their creativity, contribute to the aesthetic of the avian furry community, and connect with others who appreciate their artistic expressions.

Performances and Storytelling

Avian furries often explore performances and storytelling as a way to express themselves within the avian furry community. They may participate in skits, dance routines, or musical performances that showcase their avian fursonas’ abilities and personalities. Storytelling allows avian furries to create narratives and plots involving their bird-inspired characters, engaging others in storytelling events or through written works. These performances and storytelling endeavors provide avian furries with platforms to showcase their creativity, entertain their community, and build connections through shared experiences and narrative elements.

Controversies in the Avian Furry Community

Species Appropriation

One controversy within the avian furry community revolves around species appropriation, specifically concerning the use of protected or endangered bird species’ characteristics in avian fursonas. Some individuals argue that using these characteristics, such as colors or patterns, can be disrespectful or insensitive towards the species’ conservation efforts. It is important for avian furries to be mindful of the impact they may have on public perception and the potential implications of appropriating protected bird species in their fursonas.

Ethics of Avian Fursuiting

The ethics of avian fursuiting have been a topic of discussion within the avian furry community. Some individuals raise concerns about the physical limitations and restrictions that come with avian-themed fursuits, particularly in regards to mobility and visibility. Avian furries and fursuit makers continually work together to ensure fursuits are safe and comfortable for performers while allowing the expression of a bird-like character. Balance between aesthetics and practicality is crucial in creating enjoyable and sustainable avian fursuiting experiences.

Discrimination and Exclusion

As with any community, the avian furry community has unfortunately experienced instances of discrimination and exclusion. Some furries who identify as avian have faced challenges, criticism, or dismissive attitudes from other members of the broader furry community or even from within their own avian furry community. It is crucial for avian furries to foster inclusivity, understanding, and support within their community, ensuring that all individuals feel valued and respected regardless of their backgrounds, aesthetics, or personal preferences.

Inclusion of Other Species

A discussion point within the avian furry community revolves around the inclusion of other species, both within the avian furry community and the furry fandom as a whole. Many avian furries advocate for the significance of creating a welcoming environment for individuals who resonate with non-avian species or hybrid characters. Promoting inclusivity and encouraging diversity within the avian furry community strengthens connections between different subcultures and fosters a more vibrant and inclusive furry fandom as a whole.

Supportive Resources

Avian Fursona Generators

Avian fursona generators are online tools that provide inspiration and assistance in creating avian-themed fursonas. These generators offer various options, such as species, colors, features, and even personality traits, allowing avian furries to experiment with different combinations before settling on a final design. While avian fursona generators are helpful starting points, it is important for avian furries to add their unique personal touches to truly make their fursonas their own.

Avian Fursuit Makers

Avian fursuit makers are individuals or businesses specializing in creating bird-themed fursuits. These professionals collaborate closely with avian furries to bring their avian fursonas to life, paying careful attention to detail, comfort, and customization. Avian fursuit makers often have extensive experience in creating bird-like features, such as wings, beaks, and talons, ensuring that the fursuits accurately represent an avian furry’s vision and align with their desired expression within the avian furry community.

Online Avian Furry Forums

Online avian furry forums provide avian furries with dedicated spaces to connect, discuss, and share their experiences with like-minded individuals. These forums often feature discussions on various avian furry-related topics, such as fursona creation, fursuiting tips, artwork showcases, and event announcements. Online avian furry forums are valuable resources for avian furries to seek advice, receive feedback, and find supportive communities that appreciate and understand their avian-inspired identities.

Artist Communities

Artist communities, both online and offline, play a crucial role in supporting avian furries’ creative endeavors. These communities provide platforms for avian furries to showcase their artwork, receive feedback from other artists, and collaborate on projects. By connecting with artist communities, avian furries can grow as artists, learn new techniques, and build relationships with individuals who share their passion for avian-inspired creations.


Avian furries bring a unique and vibrant energy to the furry community, immersing themselves in the world of bird-inspired characters and creative expressions. Through their avian fursonas, art, fursuiting, and performances, avian furries craft a space where they can connect with others who share their love for all things avian. The avian furry community thrives on inclusivity, creativity, and a deep appreciation for the beauty and wonder of birds. By understanding avian furries and their unique contributions to the furry fandom, we can celebrate their individuality and foster a more diverse and accepting community for all furries.






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