The Best Shotgun Choke for Hunting Turkeys

I recently found myself pondering the age-old question among hunting enthusiasts: which shotgun choke is best for hunting turkeys? As I took to the internet in search of answers, I discovered a multitude of options and opinions. With each article I stumbled upon, the information became more overwhelming. But fear not, for I have compiled the essential facts and expert advice to help you navigate the vast world of turkey hunting chokes and find the one that will give you the best shot at a successful hunt.


Factors to Consider

When it comes to choosing the best shotgun choke for hunting turkeys, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration. By understanding these factors, you can make an informed decision and increase your chances of a successful hunt. Some key factors to consider include the type of choke, turkey hunting conditions, shot distance, pattern density, and shot size.

Type of Choke

The type of choke you choose will have a significant impact on the performance of your shotgun. Different chokes are designed to control the spread of the shot pattern at different distances. The most commonly used chokes for turkey hunting are improved cylinder (IC), modified (MOD), full (F), extra full (XF), and turkey (T) chokes. Each of these chokes has its own unique characteristics and is suitable for specific shooting distances.

Turkey Hunting Conditions

Understanding the hunting conditions you are likely to encounter is vital when choosing a shotgun choke. Factors such as terrain, weather conditions, and vegetation can all affect the effectiveness of your choke. For open fields and long-range shots, a tighter choke might be appropriate. Conversely, in dense woods or thick vegetation, a more open choke may be better suited.

Shot Distance

Shot distance plays a crucial role in determining the appropriate shotgun choke for turkey hunting. Different chokes are optimized for specific ranges, and using the wrong choke can lead to poor pattern density and decreased effectiveness. It is important to assess the typical shot distances you will encounter and select a choke that matches those ranges.

Pattern Density

Pattern density refers to the number of pellets that strike the target within a given area. Having a dense pattern is essential for turkey hunting as it increases the chances of hitting vital areas and ensures a clean kill. The right choke can help achieve optimal pattern density by controlling the spread of the shot pellets. Consider choosing a choke that provides a consistent and tight pattern for your desired shot distance.

Shot Size

The shot size you select for turkey hunting will also influence the choice of choke. Smaller shot sizes, such as #4 or #5, tend to work better with tighter chokes, as they will maintain a denser pattern at longer distances. Larger shot sizes, like #6 or #7, can still be effective with slightly more open chokes. It is important to experiment and find the right combination of choke and shot size for the specific hunting situation.

The Best Shotgun Choke for Hunting Turkeys

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Types of Chokes

To better understand which choke is best for turkey hunting, let’s explore the different types of chokes available:

Improved Cylinder (IC)

The improved cylinder choke is a versatile option suitable for a wide range of hunting scenarios. It provides a moderate constriction, resulting in a more open shot pattern. This choke is often favored for close to mid-range shots, making it a popular choice for early season turkey hunting.

Modified (MOD)

The modified choke provides a tighter pattern than the improved cylinder, making it suitable for mid-range shots. It strikes a balance between a dense pattern and distance, making it a reliable choice for turkey hunting in various conditions.

Full (F)

The full choke offers a significant constriction, resulting in a dense pattern at longer ranges. It is ideal for hunters who require more range and tighter groupings. However, it may be less forgiving if the shot placement is slightly off.

Extra Full (XF)

The extra full choke is specifically designed for turkey hunting. It provides the tightest constriction, ensuring an extremely dense pattern at longer distances. This choke is particularly effective when hunting wary or call-shy turkeys.

Turkey (T)

Manufacturers now offer dedicated turkey chokes designed to deliver optimal performance for turkey hunters. These chokes are specifically engineered to maximize pattern density and effectively reach out to longer distances.

Specialized Chokes

Some manufacturers also offer specialized chokes, such as ported chokes or extended chokes. These chokes are designed to enhance performance in specific areas, such as reducing recoil or providing a more consistent pattern. While not necessary for all turkeys hunters, they can be worth considering based on personal preference and shooting style.

The Best Shotgun Choke for Hunting Turkeys

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Factors Affecting Choke Performance

Apart from the type of choke, several other factors can influence its overall performance. It is important to consider these factors when selecting a choke for turkey hunting:

Shotgun Gauge

The gauge of your shotgun impacts choke performance. In general, 12-gauge shotguns offer a wider range of choke options and tend to deliver more consistent patterns. However, other gauges like 20-gauge or even 410-gauge can still be effective with the appropriate choke selection.

Barrel Length

The length of your shotgun’s barrel can affect pattern density and spread. Longer barrels tend to produce tighter patterns compared to shorter barrels. However, the advantage of longer barrels may diminish at extremely close or longer ranges. Consider your hunting style and the typical distances you encounter to determine the optimal barrel length.

Shotgun Model

Different shotgun models may produce slightly different patterns with the same choke. It is worth noting that even within the same model, variations can occur. Therefore, it is recommended to pattern your shotgun with different choke and ammunition combinations to find the most effective setup for your specific firearm.

Ammunition Type

The type of ammunition you choose can impact the performance of your choke. Different loads may behave differently due to variations in shot composition, wad design, or powder charge. It is recommended to experiment with various ammunition brands and loads to find the one that delivers the best pattern density and consistency with your chosen choke.

The Best Shotgun Choke for Hunting Turkeys

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Recommended Choke for Different Situations

The optimal choke for turkey hunting can vary depending on the season and the behavior of the turkeys. Here are some recommendations for different situations:

Early Season

During the early season, turkeys are typically less cautious and more responsive to calls. When hunting during this time, an improved cylinder or modified choke is often sufficient. These chokes offer a balance of pattern density and effective range for the closer shots commonly encountered in the early season.


As the season progresses and turkeys become more wary, it may be necessary to adjust your choke selection. A modified choke is a reliable choice for mid-season hunting. It provides a tighter pattern for improved long-range performance while still maintaining an adequate spread for close shots.

Late Season

In the later stages of the turkey season, when the birds have been exposed to hunting pressure, a tighter choke is usually recommended. An extra full choke or turkey choke can be highly effective during this period. These chokes deliver exceptionally tight patterns at longer distances, helping to overcome a turkey’s increased wariness.

The Best Shotgun Choke for Hunting Turkeys

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Choke Selection Tips

Choosing the right choke for turkey hunting can be a process of trial and error. To make the selection easier, consider the following tips:


It is essential to experiment with different choke and ammunition combinations to find the most effective setup for your specific shotgun and hunting conditions. Spend time patterning your shotgun at different distances to assess the performance of each choke. This hands-on approach will help you determine which choke consistently delivers the desired pattern density and shot placement.


Consistency is key when it comes to selecting a choke for turkey hunting. Once you have found a choke that suits your needs, stick with it. Familiarity with your chosen choke will enable you to make more accurate shots and develop a better understanding of its limitations and strengths.

Choosing the Right Load

Selecting the appropriate ammunition load is just as important as choosing the right choke. Different loads and shot sizes can interact differently with chokes, affecting pattern density and penetration. Experiment with a range of loads to identify the optimal combination that complements your chosen choke.

In conclusion, selecting the best shotgun choke for turkey hunting requires a thoughtful consideration of several factors. Understanding the various types of chokes, considering hunting conditions, shot distance, pattern density, and shot size are all crucial for making an informed decision. By following the recommended choke selection tips and experimenting with different combinations, you can find the perfect setup to maximize your success during turkey hunting season. Remember, turkey hunting requires patience, skill, and the right equipment, including a well-suited shotgun choke.

The Best Shotgun Choke for Hunting Turkeys

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