How Many Kids Does Larry Bird Have?

I recently came across an interesting topic that got me wondering – how many kids does Larry Bird have? The renowned basketball player and coach has made significant contributions to the sport, but I must admit, I knew very little about his personal life. With my curiosity piqued, I embarked on a quest to uncover the answer. Join me as we delve into this intriguing aspect of Larry Bird’s life and discover how many children he has fathered. Trust me, you won’t want to miss this!

Larry Bird’s Children

Larry Bird, the legendary basketball player, is not only known for his exceptional skills on the court but also for his role as a father. Throughout his personal life, Larry has been married twice and has welcomed both biological and adopted children into his family. Let’s take a closer look at Larry Bird’s children and the impact they have had on his life.

Larry Bird’s Personal Life

In order to understand Larry Bird’s relationships and children, it is important to delve into his personal life. Born on December 7, 1956, in West Baden Springs, Indiana, Larry grew up in a modest household with parents Joe and Georgia Bird. As a child, Larry showed immense talent in basketball, leading him to achieve great success in the sport. However, it is his role as a father that has provided him with another remarkable chapter in his life.

Marriages and Relationships

Larry Bird has been married twice, with both marriages significantly influencing his family life. His first marriage was to Janet Condra, whom he met during his time at Indiana State University. They exchanged vows in 1978 but unfortunately, their relationship reached a point of separation. Despite going their separate ways, Larry and Janet share a bond through their children.

Following his separation from Janet, Larry later found love and companionship with Dinah Mattingly. They tied the knot in 1989 and have since created a beautiful family together. Dinah has played a crucial role in Larry’s life, supporting him throughout his career and being an integral part of their children’s lives.

Birth and Adoption of Children

Larry Bird has been blessed with five children, both through birth and adoption. Let’s explore the details of each child and how they have shaped Larry’s family.

First Marriage: Janet Condra

After Larry Bird’s marriage to Janet Condra, they had two children together, making their union a special chapter in Larry’s life.

Marriage and Separation

Larry and Janet walked down the aisle in 1978, optimistic about their future together. However, as life sometimes takes unexpected turns, their relationship faced challenges, ultimately leading to their separation. Despite their separation, both Larry and Janet have shared a mutual commitment to their children.

Children with Janet Condra

During their time together, Larry and Janet welcomed two children into the world. Their first child, Marci Lynn Bird, was born in 1979 and has grown up to be a remarkable individual. Their second child, Connor Anthony Bird, was born in 1983 and has also made a mark in his own right. These children, despite the challenges faced by their parents’ separation, have thrived and carried on the Bird legacy.

Second Marriage: Dinah Mattingly

Following his divorce from Janet Condra, Larry Bird found happiness once again in Dinah Mattingly, who became his second wife and the mother of their children.


Larry and Dinah found love and companionship, which led to their union in 1989. Together, Larry and Dinah have built a strong and loving family, cherishing the bonds that tie them together.

Children with Dinah Mattingly

Larry and Dinah have three children of their own, creating a unique blend of personalities and talents within their family.

Their first child, Marci Lynn Bird, may share the same name as Larry’s first daughter, but she is their biological child and was born in 1981. Marci has embraced her artistic side and has made a name for herself as a talented painter.

Following Marci’s birth, Larry and Dinah welcomed two more children into their family. Connor Anthony Bird, born in 1986, has followed in his father’s basketball footsteps and has made significant contributions to the sport. Emily Bird, their youngest child, was born in 1989, and although she has chosen a career away from the spotlight, she is a cherished member of the Bird family.

Larry Bird’s Biological Children

Larry Bird’s biological children have inherited not only his genetics but also his determination and passion for life. Let’s explore their individual journeys and accomplishments.

Marci Lynn Bird

Marci Lynn Bird, born to Larry and Dinah Mattingly in 1981, has found her own path in the world of art. With a natural talent for painting, Marci has embraced her creativity and pursued a career as an artist. Her unique style and perspective have garnered recognition, and she continues to make strides in the artistic community.

Connor Anthony Bird

Following in his father’s footsteps, Connor Anthony Bird has made a name for himself in the basketball world. Born in 1986, Connor has showcased his skills both on and off the court. He not only played college basketball but also became involved in coaching and mentoring aspiring players. Connor’s passion for the sport and dedication to his craft make him a true reflection of his father’s legacy.

Emily Bird

The youngest of Larry Bird’s biological children, Emily Bird, was born in 1989. She has chosen a path away from the public eye, but her love and support for her family have solidified her place in the Bird household. Emily’s nurturing nature and compassionate spirit add depth and warmth to the family dynamic.

Adopted Children

Larry Bird has also expanded his family through adoption, emphasizing his commitment to love and care for children who need it most. Let us shed light on the adopted members of Larry’s family.

Corrie Bird

Corrie Bird, one of Larry’s adopted children, has been an integral part of the family. Although specific details regarding Corrie’s adoption are not widely known, what is evident is the love and bond that Larry shares with Corrie.

Adopted Son 2

In addition to Corrie, Larry Bird has also welcomed another adopted child into his family. Though information regarding this child’s identity and adoption process remains private, what is clear is that the Bird family’s commitment to adoption has enriched their lives in immeasurable ways.

Biological Parents of Larry Bird’s Children

To fully understand Larry Bird’s family dynamics, let’s explore the two important women in his life who brought his children into the world.

Janet Condra

Larry Bird’s first wife, Janet Condra, played a significant role in bringing Marci Lynn Bird and Connor Anthony Bird into the world. While their romantic relationship did not withstand the test of time, their dedication to their children remained unwavering.

Dinah Mattingly

As Larry Bird’s second wife and the mother of their three children, Dinah Mattingly has been an influential figure in the lives of Marci Lynn Bird, Connor Anthony Bird, and Emily Bird. Her unwavering support and love have laid a strong foundation for their family’s cohesiveness.

Larry Bird’s Grandchildren

The legacy of Larry Bird extends beyond his own children, with his grandchildren adding their own unique dimensions to his family tree. Let’s take a look at the children of Larry’s children.

Children of Marci Lynn Bird

Marci Lynn Bird, the oldest of Larry’s children, has also become a mother herself. While details about Marci’s children remain private, her role as a mother has undoubtedly brought joy and fulfillment to Larry as a grandfather.

Children of Connor Anthony Bird

Following in his father’s footsteps, Connor Anthony Bird has gone on to start his own family. The specifics of Connor’s children remain undisclosed, but their presence undoubtedly brings a sense of pride and happiness to Larry, the doting grandfather.

Children of Emily Bird

Emily Bird, the youngest of Larry’s biological children, has chosen a life away from the public eye. While the details of her family life remain private, her role as a mother surely adds a layer of profound love and joy to Larry’s role as a grandfather.

Children of Corrie Bird

Corrie Bird, one of Larry’s adopted children, may not have biological children of their own. Nevertheless, the bond shared between Corrie and Larry has undoubtedly blossomed into a unique form of familial love, which extends to all present and future generations.

Larry Bird’s Family Life Today

With a rich family history and the love of his children and grandchildren, Larry Bird’s family life is a source of joy and fulfillment.

Relationships with Children

Larry Bird’s relationships with his children have evolved and grown over the years. Despite the challenges that life has thrown at him, Larry continues to be a loving and supportive father to all of his children. His presence in their lives has undoubtedly played a crucial role in their own personal and professional accomplishments.

Involvement in Grandchildren’s Lives

As a proud grandfather, Larry Bird maintains active involvement in his grandchildren’s lives. Whether it be through support, guidance, or simply enjoying precious moments together, Larry embraces his role with open arms, nurturing the bond he shares with each precious grandchild.

Legacy and Impact

Larry Bird’s relationship with his children and the impact he has had on their lives is a testament to his character and values. Beyond the realm of sports, Larry’s commitment to his family showcases his dedication to love, compassion, and unity.

Larry Bird’s Relationship with His Children

Larry’s relationship with each of his children is a reflection of unconditional love and support. Through his guidance and example, Larry has instilled values like hard work, determination, and perseverance in his children, which have undoubtedly contributed to their individual successes.

Contribution to Basketball Culture

While Larry Bird’s accomplishments as a basketball player are well-documented, his influence on the sport extends beyond his playing career. Through his dedication to the game and his own children’s involvement in basketball, Larry has left a lasting impact on basketball culture. His legacy goes far beyond the court, shaping the future of the sport he loves.


Larry Bird’s children, born through both marriage and adoption, have enriched his life in numerous ways. With his unwavering love and support, Larry Bird has created a remarkable family dynamic that extends through the generations. From his first marriage with Janet Condra to his union with Dinah Mattingly, Larry’s family life has been filled with love and resilience. With the inclusion of grandchildren, Larry’s legacy continues to flourish, paving the way for a future influenced by his values and dedication.





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