Delaware State Bird

Ah, the proud and majestic state bird of Delaware! Did you know that this small but fascinating state has a feathered representative that holds a special place in the hearts of its residents? Well, let me tell you all about it. The Delaware State Bird, also known as the Blue Hen Chicken, symbolizes the fighting spirit and independence of this great state. With its striking blue feathers and fierce demeanor, this unique bird embodies the rich history and resilient nature of Delaware. Join me on a journey to discover the captivating story of the Delaware State Bird and its significance to the people of this wonderful state.

Delaware State Bird


Overview of the State Bird

The state bird of Delaware is the Delaware Blue Hen, which holds a special place in the hearts of Delawareans. This bird is not only an emblem of the state but also a symbol of pride, strength, and resilience. Chosen for its deep-rooted connection to the history and heritage of Delaware, the Delaware Blue Hen stands as a reminder of the state’s storied past and its unwavering strength.

Selection Process of the State Bird

The selection process of the Delaware state bird was an interesting one. In 1939, the Delaware Audubon Society organized a state-wide vote to choose an official bird for the state. After much consideration and a great deal of public participation, the Delaware Blue Hen emerged as the winner, capturing the hearts of the Delawarean community with its captivating beauty and historical significance.

Description of the State Bird

The Delaware Blue Hen, also known as Gallus gallus domesticus, is a species of chicken that exhibits unique physical characteristics. It has bright blue feathers with hints of red and displays a proud, upright posture. Though it may resemble an ordinary chicken, the Blue Hen possesses a distinct aura that sets it apart from the rest. Its enchanting plumage and majestic stance make it an extraordinary creature to behold.

Habitat of the State Bird

As the Delaware Blue Hen is a domesticated breed, its habitat primarily consists of farms and backyard enclosures throughout the state. These birds are commonly found in rural areas, where they are raised for both their cultural significance and their meat production. While they are not typically seen in the wild, the Blue Hen’s deep connection to Delaware’s agricultural heritage makes it an integral part of the state’s landscape.

Behavior and Diet of the State Bird

The Delaware Blue Hen, being a member of the chicken family, exhibits typical chicken behavior. They are known for their social nature and tend to flock together, often engaging in communal activities such as foraging for food or dust bathing. In terms of diet, these birds are omnivorous, feasting on a diverse range of foods including grains, insects, worms, and vegetation. Their adaptable nature allows them to thrive on a mixed diet, making them well-suited to various environments.

Reproduction and Life Cycle of the State Bird

The reproductive cycle of the Delaware Blue Hen follows the typical pattern of chickens. They engage in courtship rituals, with males displaying their vibrant plumage to attract females. Once a pair has formed a bond, the female will lay a clutch of eggs. She then incubates the eggs for approximately three weeks until they hatch. The chicks, covered in soft down feathers, grow rapidly and within a few months, they develop the distinctive blue plumage that characterizes the adult Blue Hens.

Conservation Status of the State Bird

As a domesticated breed, the Delaware Blue Hen is not currently classified under any specific conservation categories. However, it is important to recognize the role these birds play in preserving Delaware’s cultural heritage. By maintaining and celebrating the Blue Hen as the state bird, Delawareans continue to promote its symbolic importance and support the agricultural and historical legacy of the state.

Symbolic Importance of the State Bird

The Delaware Blue Hen holds immense symbolic importance to the people of Delaware. The origins of its significance can be traced back to the American Revolutionary War, where Delaware soldiers were said to carry gamecocks into battle. These gamecocks, known as Blue Hens, were known for their fierce fighting spirit and relentless determination – qualities that came to epitomize the Delawarean character. By adopting the Delaware Blue Hen as the state bird, Delawareans honor their forefathers and the spirit of resilience that helped shape the state.

Other State Birds in the United States

Every state in the United States has its own designated state bird, each chosen for its unique characteristics and cultural significance to the respective state. For instance, the Bald Eagle is the national bird and animal of the United States, symbolizing strength and freedom. In neighboring states such as Maryland, the Baltimore Oriole represents the vibrant colors of the region, while Pennsylvania celebrates the Ruffed Grouse as its state bird. These state birds collectively serve as symbols of pride, identity, and natural heritage for the American people.


The Delaware Blue Hen, with its captivating beauty and historical significance, has rightfully earned the title of the state bird of Delaware. Its deep-rooted connection to the state’s agricultural heritage and its historical ties to the American Revolutionary War make it an emblem of pride, strength, and resilience. As Delawareans continue to cherish and celebrate this remarkable species, they ensure the preservation of their cultural heritage and honor the spirit of their forefathers, making the Delaware Blue Hen an enduring symbol of the state.





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